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The Benefits of Organizational Health

There is no shortage of smart people in business. Smart businesses are focused on the decision sciences. They are figuring out exact moves in strategy, marketing, analytics, revenue and technology. But is being smart isn't enough? It’s really only half the equation.  A healthy organization creates a culture that takes advantage of being smart. It minimizes the poisons of politics and confusion. It increases clarity and cohesion which generates high morale, effectiveness and productivity. That's what leaders really want, isn't it?

Signs of a Healthy Organization

  • Minimal Politics
  • ​Minimal Confusion
  • ​Fewer Silos
  • ​​Lower Turnover
  • Reduce Dysfunction
  • Increased Clarity 
  • Strong Communication​
  • ​​Productive Conflict 
  • ​High Morale
  • ​​High Productivity

Our Story

Dr. Terry and Christine know the multiplier of success is relationships. Helping organizational leaders maximize their potential, fully empowering their teams and serving customers is where this consulting firm thrives. Before combining efforts, their journeys were similar and yet very different. Serving people has always been central to their mission.

Terry began his own personal transformation in 12 step groups over 30 years ago. He spent the last 28 years helping people transform as individuals and couples. He became a clinical psychologist running his own successful private practice and before that worked in the California and Oregon prison systems with violent offenders. He’s known for amplifying people’s capacity for change and achieving their goals by increasing self-awareness, developing emotional discipline and a growth mindset.

Christine began working as an athletic trainer for a college and a highschool. At the same time, she began working at Starbucks coffee company. She quickly entered management at Starbucks and spent 19 years focused on turning around under-performing stores. She developed leaders, perfected hiring protocols and created cohesive teams that together would implement and refine strategies increasing productivity while virtually eliminating turnover. Terry made the transition to consulting and Christine joined him three years later.

In 2019 they engaged in several deep discussions around why their firm exists. Their Vision focused on helping leaders experience true satisfaction in making their organizations healthier, and more profitable and their people more effective to generate the highest value and fulfillment for everyone. Generator Coaching and Consulting was born. It is based on the belief that we all generate the business and life we desire.

The simplest principle they believe boils down to we are all generators of our businesses and our lives. You generate what you have, whether you’re experiencing satisfaction, peace and prosperity or you’re experiencing stress, drama or trauma, you only have to look as far as the mirror to see who's to blame. It is our personal responsibility to generate what we want in our life and business. Most of the time it's about stopping doing the wrong things rather than attempting the right thing.

They work with clients ranging from mid-sized companies to larger companies across multiple industries, and have helped hundreds of industry leaders achieve their performance and behavior goals as well as find the satisfaction, excitement and fulfillment they desired when they started.  Terry and Christine want to help get you on the bullet train to your organization’s success.

If you're looking for real results like these in your organization, reach out.

Our People

Dr. Terry Wager

Dr. Terry is one of the foremost in developing mental clarity and emotional resilience to generate fast action in the toughest of situations. Clients say that his advice and direction allow them to gain more influence, develop stronger relationships, and make fast intentional shifts that generate rapid results.

Christine McGinley

Christine developed high performers and turned around underperforming Starbucks stores. After 19 years she now helps entrepreneurs & business owners become great leaders, create powerful people systems, hire & inspire elite teams and identify game-changing strategies to take their companies to the next level.

Our Approach

We are straightforward and candid in our approach. We understand the value of your time, and the importance of utilizing it effectively. Our mission is to see a world where healthy, thriving companies outnumber those that are not. We provide immediate, practical, relevant and efficient solutions to help organizations achieve this goal. Our emphasis is on promoting organizational health and team dynamics as crucial elements for gaining the competitive advantage and achieving maximum success. We do not offer superficial or unproductive solutions. Partner with us to unleash the full potential of your organization.

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